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Quad (formerly Quad/Graphics) is an American printing company based in Sussex, Wisconsin. It was founded on July 13, 1971, by Harry and Elizabeth Quadracci. The company has 39 printing facilities in the United States, as well as facilities throughout Europe, Canada, and Latin America. Quad prints numerous magazines, including Businessweek, Time, Sports Illustrated, People, and Milwaukee Magazine (a title the company owns and self-publishes).

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "Quad is not concerned about production or skilled employees. They are only concern is there profit and upper management. Quad is attempting to control the market by purchasing and closing has many printers that they can to obtain clients. In doing so in 2019 they had to pay a 47 million dollar penalty which resulted in losing a total of 156 million total for the year. Now with covid-19 they took away our vacation, holiday pay, and no raises this year oh and no more Dividend."


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Former Employee - Prepress Technician says

"Swing Shift, Forced Overtime, Low Pay, Managers just sit there do nothing for 2 hours then go to a meeting for two hours and come back and do nothing for another two hours."

Former Employee - Photo Retoucher says

"If you don't fit in the click and kiss the bosses butt you will be fired. Only butt kissers advance. Pay raises only for butt kissers. (Head Winds)Joel...SHOULD BE IN JAIL !!!"

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"Unsafe machines will not pay vacation pay you earned. Work long hours no breaks. Insurance sucks. Walmart has a better plan. Do not recommend quad graphics. They don't care about the employees. This is the worst company I worked for. I worked there over 19 years. When I left they refused to pay .e my vacation pay I have earned."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Inbred culture ruled by idiot son of founder"

Former Employee - Media Planner says

"Management does nothing but sit, media planners are going to do supervisors job. Director just sits at their desk picking their nose waiting for planner to mess up. Toxic environment, horrible pay- people with degrees and masters don't belong here you get paid crap living check to check."

Former Employee - Finishing Technician says

"Physically strenuous, polluted air, favoritism, constant mechanical breakdowns and overall poor work practices."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There was another review on 9/25 under Ivie that pretty much summed it up. They trick you in the interview by being vague about the job tasks, the holidays, PTO etc. None of the skills you will learn here will help in your career. It is very boring and repetitive excel work. But confusing and room for error based on the way it is set up. It's the same thing every single week and will never change. It was bought by Quad based in Wisconsin and is no longer a private family business. The building, while large, is mostly empty. I knew things had gone bad when I saw that most of the HR department had been let go. The work they do in Flower Mound can be done anywhere. Since HQ is in WI, I can't see the location lasting too much longer. All they work on is newspaper circulars and direct mail for large supermarket chains. Again, the same thing each week. 1. Download the next weeks units and counts, 2. put it into very large excel docs(vlookup, copy paste etc), create the order and send, then do it all over again next week. When there are after hours changes, you will be required to do that too no matter what you are doing. Also, you will be watched closely and should not spend too much time away from your desk. The people who have been there a long time will spy on you and report back. There is no strategy or creativity. Nothing you learn here will help your career. I think it's only a matter of time before Quad shuts it down and consolidates to HQ in Wisconsin. They only reason it was in Flower Mound was because the Ivie family lives there, but they are gone. I feel sorry for anyone who has spent a long time there. It will be very hard for them to get another job. I think that Quad buying Ivie is like the big fish swallowing the smaller fish and Ivie really does not exist. So much of this was BS. The Ivie sign is still on the building and I wondered why. Then it occur'd to me - why put up a Quad sign when you plan on selling the building?"

Former Employee - Machine Repair Mechanic says

"Empty promises. I’ve never such an unorganized organization in all my life. They operate as if they opened business yesterday"

Former Employee - Finance says

"Poor upper management that don't really care at all regarding all the layoffs"

Former Employee - Press Assistant says

"Unhealthy environment to work in... Stay away from this place you will get caught in a horrible life cycle here and it will ruin all your life's plans unless you have bachelor's degree and your in the office ok than use it as a stepping stone like every else on LinkedIn did..."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place is like an oven. No AC warehouse so you will sweat and feel suffocated all the time and not good for your health. This place is a male dominant warehouse Female beware!! They will whistle on you instead of calling your name. Only few good men. If you want to be deaf when you retired this is your place. Very loud. Its ok to violate CA law for breaks and lunch in this place. You can take your last break 30 mins before your shift ends. Take your lunch when job is done. Worse place to work. ParkingHot, Dusty, unsafe practices"

1st Pressman (Former Employee) says

"This worst company I have ever worked for, no management skills. No help from supervisors and if they did help, they said some really mean words. The stress of working there is not worth the money and the pay is very low compared to look at other printing companies."

Press Operator (Current Employee) says

"This place is truly the worst...I is run by an inept management team that has only one concern and that is for themselves, to a perverse degree.Never have I seen a place filled with leaders who are among the top best back stabbers and just general creeps.Weekly checks clear.Everything else."

Finishing Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was placed at QuadPackaging through a temp agency and it was awful. I lasted longer than some of the younger kids who started after me but this job was bullsh*t. 12 hour shifts making and breaking down boxes. You weren’t allowed to sit even when the machines were down. You got a 10 minute break every other hour and it took 5 minutes to get to the break room. It was stupid. They got rid of me because I wanted to start going back to school and couldn’t be there until 9pm on one night. ONE night There are no pros. It was awful.Everything"

Pallitizer operator (Former Employee) says

"The hours r crazy and u r not appeciated they hire anyone and expect u to train them not a manager ot a team leader hr is a joke they never help u when u have a question u wait days or weeks to get a reply and the uniform ppl dont get ur sizes rightNoneShort breaks unorignized bad management"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Quad graphics is the worst company I have ever worked for! I will never recommend someone working there for fact that the leads there are disrespectful and do not appreciate the work you do!"

Finishing Platform Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked here in two positions, one as an Inkjet Specialist and the other as a saddle stitch operator. In both positions I liked the responsibilities that came along with it and for the most part the crew that was assigned to me would be communicative and easy to work with. I loved all the operators and technicians that I also worked with. However what spoiled all of this and deterred me from continuing my career here was the toxic manager, supervisors and trainers. They would always play favorites and only allow people that they liked to move forward and in most cases even receive pay raises. For example if you were liked, you could easily move on from an entry level technician main $13/hr to a senior operator that makes close to $21/hr with 1 1/2 years. Also if they don't like you feel free to be an entry level employee for the rest of your life there ( trust me.... I've seen entry level employees that have worked there for 10+ years ) or just stuck in your position with no chance of moving forward in your career. Great co-workerstoxic management"

Postal Technician (Former Employee) says

"I applied here for a full time job of 40 hour a week plus overtime, security, and growth; none of which transpired. The work was very tiring and injury-prone. The pallets were supposed to have only 48 trays max. But they go as high as 62 trays in one pallet causing injury. They don't follow what they teach on in-service. in-servicesLearned how every home's trashed junk mail were processed.Tiring, possibility of getting injured is high, management from interviewer to HR, to supervisor to facility manager have one thing in common, they lie, steel toed shoes hurt, low wage."

Press Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management,don't care about family,even tho they say they do,half the people that work there have been divorced atleast 3 time's due to the horrible hour's they force the employees to work and lack of respect to their employees's ,another place that work's on the buddy system and they have been laying alot of people off,mainly the one's who have been there a long time and making more money than they want to pay,slave driver's is what they are"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Quad is filled with managers who do not listen to their employees and dont support them. They continually bad mouth their employees and make them feel unwanted."

Gather operator (Former Employee) says

"Worst job ever. Two breaks for twelve hours. If higher ups came in we’d miss breaks! Human Resources lied about everything. Management was horrible!! Machines were older than the Bible and we would have to figure out ways to make them run. Overall horrible company.NoneEverything about this place"

Finishing Technician (Former Employee) says

"Stay away. Management has filled the entire plant with young ghetto thugs and thuggettes that can’t get to work on time, much less do their job when they get there. Management is scared of being called racist so the entry level employees get all the good raises while veteran employees do all the work. It’s a toxic environment where management threatens to fire you everyday in an email."

Pressman (Current Employee) says

"Awful place to work. Many different job descriptions and they don’t compensate you for it. A huge language barrier if you are English speaking. They don’t allow you to take breaks even though you work 12 hour shifts. Not even a meal break which is against the law."

Production Artist (Former Employee) says

"The manager was immature, a liar, and did not know the client's work very well, meaning he would make changes that were inaccurate. He would ignore ideas for improvements and later pass them off as his own. The Quad team was nothing but a bunch of bullies, some of whom were computer illiterate and could not handle simple, routine office tasks. It was laughable.NoneSo many things"

Whs Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"If you don't have papers you will get hired.This company has a lot of undocumented people working for them worldwide. And they have a lot of favoritism."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"The factory is a puzzle of randomly added buildings with no consistency, open space, or safety walkways. The areas of safety walkways make pedestrians look around a blind corner before crossing. The PE is the wrong type for this tight warehouse, When moving things as heavy as they have, we should be operating a fork truck we step into, not a glorified pallet jack. There is no clock in station, you walk through the warehouse and clock in at your machine. Management uses scare tactics and has a VERY dated world view. Safety is something you'll hear mentioned a lot at this factory, but it is FAR from safe to work here"

Digital Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"This is by far the most unpleasant place I ever experience working. so many unease feeling and experiences. I would not say its a bad place or anything like that. It was from personal experiences based on my point of view.None, not that I can think of based on my experienceAnything you can think of. Its most likely to happen."

Controller (Former Employee) says

"My experience was that there was a dis-connect between the finance management and the finance employees. There was very little vision or foresight to make things better - just the idea of do the job and go on."

Finishing Technician (Former Employee) says

"The drive was too far, and I wasn't paid like I meant something for this company. I would never go back to this place of employment. Not worth the time or pay rate."

Offset Press Assistant II (Former Employee) says

"I would saying working here is not for the faint of heart. Schindlers list is a great example of what your experience working here is going to be like."

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